Class Descriptions:


Eddy Current:

Level I - 40 hours

A basic course in eddy current theory, test instrumentation, coils, and basic impedance plane principles. Applications studied include conductivity, lift-off, thickness, and flaw detection applications.

Level II - 40 hours

An advanced program stressing eddy current test setup and display interpretation based on impedance plane analysis. This course covers many applications using surface probes, ID probes, and encircling coils. 

Level IIA - 80 hours

This is a comprehensive course designed to take the Level II ET technician to the next level. The training will cover all aspects of data analysis to include:

  • Heat exchanger design and function
  • Damage Mechanisms
  • Failure Mechanics and Plugging
  • Analysis Techniques
  • Hands on Real World Practice Data
  • Practical Examination

The class is two weeks in length (80 hrs.) and will concentrate on the common damage mechanisms and techniques associated in BOP eddy current examinations. We will describe each of these mechanisms and common causes and the best techniques for detecting and sizing. The class will consist of classroom training as well as hands on practice data. At the end of the class, a practical examination will be given.


Liquid Penetrant:

16 Hours for SNT-TC-1A, 32 Hours for NAS 410 class

An intensive study of the theory, processes and techniques applicable to both visible and fluorescent penetrant. Includes both classroom and laboratory sessions.


Magnetic Particle:

Level I/II - 24 Hours for SNT-TC-1A, 32 Hours for NAS 410 class

A complete course covering both theory and practical application of magnetic particle testing methods and equipment.



Thickness - 24 Hours

A three-day course covering thickness gauging of pipe and vessel walls using ultrasonic instruments with digital and waveform displays

Level I - 40 Hours

An intensive course covering the fundamentals of Ultrasonics. Practical laboratory exercises include thickness gauging and a variety of flaw detection, mapping, and evaluation techniques. This course is designed for technicians with little or no ultrasonic testing experience. We also will cover the basic calibration and scanning techniques associated with weld Inspection. Students will scan test samples to develop technique and skill levels that will be used in the field. 

Level II - 40 Hours

An advanced laboratory-intensive course for developing practical skills. The course is applications oriented and includes weld inspection. Angle beam testing and defect evaluation are covered in detail. This course is designed for Level I Technicians that have completed Level I training and have some experience with UT Testing.