IRIS Tube Inspection Services

Boiler Tubes - Heat Exchangers - Air Coolers - Feed Water Heaters - Condensers

Any way you look at them, the - IRIS tube inspection system shows you their tube condition.


The advantages of a IRIS inspection system are:

  • Detects weak tubes and avoids unplanned shutdowns
  • Inspects tubes from 9mm to 400mm Internal diameter
  • Measures remaining wall thickness down to 0.5mm
  • Inspects both ferrous & non-ferrous material
  • Easy to read results - B scan & C scan profiles
  • Windows Data review program
  • Results written to HDD & CD ROM
  • Portable lightweight equipment

Finds & Measures:

  • Internal/External erosion/corrosion
  • Bulges, dents, holes
  • Internal pitting down to 1.5mm diameter
  • Baffle Fretting
  • Channeling
  • In tube sheet defects
  • On screen wall thickness measurement
  • Negotiates boiler tube bends

Ultrasonic Principles:

An immersion pulse-echo technique is used. The Ultrasonic transducer is housed in a turbine head with a rotating 45 degree mirror. The turbine assembly is centered in the tube axis. These pulses are emitted parallel to the tube axis and are reflected by the 45 degree mirror so that they are directed radially into the tube wall. The reflections from both inner and outer tube wall follow the same path to the transducer. The time interval between the first wall echo (front) and second wall echo, (back) is the measure of wall thickness. As the mirror rotates, the ultrasonic beam sweeps the entire circumference of the tube wall. Turbine speed and PRF are adjustable to allow inspection pulls up to 5m per minute.

ProQual Inspections, Inc. has successfully provided IRIS Inspection services to clients in the petrochemical, paper, food and utility industries worldwide.